SoundTrek Drummer

SoundTrek Drummer 1.0

MFX/VST plugin to easily create original and dynamic drum beats (See all)

SoundTrek Drummer is an easy to use yet powerful and flexible MFX/VST MIDI plugin that allows you to quickly create new and original drum beats in many different styles of music. SoundTrek Drummer creates realistic sounding and creative drum beats using your favorite drum sounds in your preferred MFX or VST host application.
Whether you want to create drum parts for a complete song, work out some quick drum beats or create an extended dynamic jam, SoundTrek Drummer gives you the tools to be creative without the hassles of programming or the repetition of loops.
* Instead of wasting time programming beats you can spend more time creating music.
* Video tutorials get you started quickly and easily.
* Quickly and easily create anything from a single drum instrument to a complete arrangement including drum fills.
* Comprehensive editing controls allow you to quickly create and modify your arrangement.
* Over 2500 musicians and musician grooves are all at your finger tips and under your control allowing the drums to conform to you instead of you having to conform to static repetitive beats.
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